Clear Cache and Criteria Data

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Clear Cache and Criteria Data

Clear Cache and Criteria Data is used to delete temporary files or clear Form Cache so that some of the recently changed setting can apply immediately.

Delete Temporary Cache files: to delete all temporary cache files (e,g, master data) of entry function. Run this if you opined that current temporary cache files need to be refreshed.

Delete Temporary Criteria files: to delete all temporary criteria files of the reports. Run this if you want to refresh the default report criteria.

Cache Master Files: decide either to cache master files or not. To cache master files will add load to local PC but usually result in faster process.

Clear Form Cache: to clear all the entry form (e.g. transaction) cache. Run this if you suspected the forms are not refreshed after changes of setting.

Collect Memory: this is to collect back memory that was allocated but no longer in use. This action will reduce Total Allocated Memory.

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