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This function is used to end the POS Session, which normally called close counter, or end day business.

Steps of Close Counter:
1. Press on Close Counter button.
2. Choose close counter type that you wish to use. Checkout For Cashier will close the cashier's session whereas Checkout For Terminal will close the terminal's session.
3. Key in the amount collected of each payment method. For cash, click on the ‘Calculator’ icon beside the word space to key in how many pieces of notes or coins inside the cash drawer.
4. Click on Check & Save (F1) button. During the checking and saving, the variance amount will be displayed (variance amount is the difference amount between amount collected and system amount).
5. After saving, message below will prompt to notify that the close counter data has been saved successfully.

6. Click on 'OK' and a close counter report will be printed.
7. If there is an amendment required on Close Counter and has to be redone, click on the Redo Close Counter (F3) button and repeat the steps.
8. Close Counter Document Summary button summaries all the transaction that occurred during the session by grouping them in Payment Method.
9. Sales screen will be disabled and greyed after close counter. To continue for new sales, you can do the Open Counter to create a new POS Session.

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