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Question : How to add alternating background colour row in report?

Answer :

1) Select the report that does not have alternating colour row example, Monthly Leave Taken Report, Report > Leave Report > Monthly Leave Taken Report.

2) Design the report.

3) Click on [DepartmentCode], then the setting icon at the top right corner.

4) Under Styles, click on ‘Select’ in Odd Styles and create a new style.

5) Click on the small arrow and a menu should drop down, after that, click on Background Colour and select the colour that you prefer. (Example : #6e6e6e)

6) Once done, save the report under a new name for reference (Example : MONTHLY LEAVE TAKEN REPORT – NEW). Once done, you may preview the report, it should look like this :

7) Repeat step 1 to step 5 for columns horizontally across the entire row.

Prepared by WaiKit 230804, Azirah 230814, P230825

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