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Question : How to show duplicate apply reason in below leave report.

LeaveRequestReport 01.png

Answer :

1) Go to Reports > Leave Report > click design button for Leave Request Listing.

LeaveRequestReport 02.png

2) Please click on the behavior in the right side.

LeaveRequestReport 03.png

3) Below is the information will be list out under behavior.

LeaveRequestReport 04.png

4) Click on the [ApplyReason] column, then you will see the information will be added under behavior.

LeaveRequestReport 05.png

5) Please update Process Duplicates Mode to ‘Leave’.

LeaveRequestReport 06.png

6) click on the 3 lines button in top-left side.

LeaveRequestReport 07.png

7) Click save as to name this customize report, like 2nd picture > click save button.

LeaveRequestReport 08.png

LeaveRequestReport 09.png

8) Back to Leave Reports screen to click refresh button.

LeaveRequestReport 10.png

9) Select your customize report and click preview button. You may proceed for the filter if any.

LeaveRequestReport 11.png

10) Result: Each of the leave date will be display the apply reason as below.

LeaveRequestReport 12.png

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