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Question : Employee use E-leave to apply leave but system shows “Payroll Process is Created”. Why?

Apply leave error.png

Possible Reason :

You are applying leave for the month which its payroll is already processed.

Example : Your payroll user already processed Jan 2019 and now you’re apply leave for Jan 2019.

Solution (1) :

Payroll user can first delete the payroll processor for Jan 2019, then employees will be able to apply leave using E-Leave module. After that, re-run the Jan 2019 payroll process.

Solution (2) :

Payroll user can maintain leave record in Leave Adjustment and no need to delete payroll process. But the payroll of this employee will need a reset. If not, the leave taken will show in Feb 2019.

By : Aisyah 190128, Lay Swan 190221, P190226

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