Cloud Payroll - Employee : How to invite employee and how can an employee access cloud payroll?

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Question : How to invite employee and how can an employee access cloud payroll?

Answer :

1) To invite employee, go to Payroll > Employee Maintenance

Invite 01.png

2) Select employee, click edit

Invite 02.png

3) Then, click on Invite user

Invite 03.png

4) Check the checkbox of Invite user, enter email address and select access group.

Invite 04.png

5) Lastly, click on Save button and you can see a message prompt.

Invite 05.png

Invite 06.png

The invited employee will receive an email of confirmation.

Invite 07.png

The invited employee will need to respond to email confirmation (with a randomly generated password for first time login).

Invite 08.png

Invite 09.png

After confirmed the email, login to cloud payroll.

If you are existing user of AutoCount cloud payroll (maybe you have registered as user before invited by current company), you shall receive an email of invitation without the randomly generated password.

Invite 10.png

Invite 11.png

By Azirah 210420, P210426

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