Cloud Payroll - Error “This leave does not have any approver” when employee apply E-Leave

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Question : My employee use E-leave to apply leave, system prompted an error “This leave does not have any approver”. System already have default setting for leave approval. Why still block for apply?

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Possible Reason :

You have created another departments/sub-department and this employee is falls under newly created department while in default Leave Approval setting is only set for Default department.

Solution :

You must edit the Leave Approval setting.

1) Go to Tools > Approval Setting. Select (click to highlight) a Leave Approval setting and click Edit or you may just click on its title in the first column.

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2) Check to select departments and/or sub-departments then click on Save.

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3) Employee shall able to apply E-leave after you added the approval setting by department.

Note: Same solution applies to Claim Approver Setting.

By : Aisyah 181108, Lay Swan 181213, P181214

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