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Question : Why can’t I generate EA Form? It says: Report is empty.

Possible Reason 1:

Report year was wrongly selected.

Solution 1:

1) Click on Reports > Governments Report > Income-Tax Report.

2) Choose EA .

3) Choose the correctReport Year.

Then you shall be able to preview EA Form.

Possible Reason 2:

Year End Process has not been performed. Before able to preview EA Form, you must run Year End Process.

Solution 2:

1) Click on Tools > Options > Year End Process.

2) Choose Add New .

3) Check on Pending Data, Claim Cutoff, Leave Cutoff and Year End Summary.

4) Click on Confirm & Save.

Then you may go to Reports > Governments Report > Income-Tax Report > EA to preview EA Form.

By : ChenOng 200225, Azirah 200311, P200313

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