Cloud Payroll - How to auto calculate daily rate worker’s salary WITHOUT USING time attendance excel import?

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Question : How to auto calculate daily-rated employee’s salary WITHOUT USING time attendance Excel import?

Answer :

*First, set calendar for daily rated employee

1) Go to Tools > General Maintenance > Calendar > Add New as in Figure 1.

DailyRate 1.png

Figure 1

2) Key in Code and Description, define holidays and rest days as in Figure 2.

DailyRate 2.png

Figure 2

3) Click on Calendar icon as in Figure 3.i and define working hours and working days as in Figure 3.ii, then Save.

DailyRate 3.png

Figure 3.i

DailyRate 4.png

Figure 3.ii

*Need to attach the calendar to related employees.

4) Go to Employee Maintenance > Employment Detail > define Wages Type, Basic Rate as in Figure 4.i and Calendar as in Figure 4.ii. Then, save.

DailyRate 5.png

Figure 4.i

DailyRate 6.png

Figure 4.ii

5) Go to Payroll Management > Process Payroll > Add New > Detail as in Figure 5.i.

DailyRate 7.png

Figure 5.i

6) Click on Salary Amount to see its Sub Details as in Figure 5.ii.

DailyRate 8.png

Figure 5.ii

*Salary is auto calculated based on your setting, in my example Daily Rate is RM 30 and working days calculated is 18.

Prepared by ChenOng 200713, Azirah 200713, P200727

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