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Question : How to create API key for Open API in AutoCount Cloud Payroll

Answer :

1) In the dashboard screen, please click on the AutoCount Cloud Payroll in top-left.

2) Please click ‘API Maintenance’ in below.

3) Please click ‘add new’.

4) Please take note for below.

    (a) Title: you may input the description for your reference.
    (b) API Type: must select ‘AutoCount Payroll Open API’.
    (c) Enabling API modules: tick the option which you would like to use.
        • Employee Maintenance is employee profile info.
        • Time Attendance is time attendance import and/or time attendance clocking history.
        • Adhoc is adhoc payroll items.
        • Leave is leave transaction.
    (d) select the company you would like to be included.

4.i) If there are certain company’s employees you would like to use only. You may expand for the company, select the employees based on branch / department / project / entitlement group. Once you completed the setting, please click ‘save’.

5) Below is the sample of API key generated by the system.

Prepared by Winnie 220912, Azirah 220913, P 220913

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