Cloud Payroll - How to make Overtime rate rounding to two decimal point?

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Question : How to make Overtime rate rounding to two decimal point?

Currently the overtime rate will be shown in four decimal point.

OTRounding 01.png

To make it become two decimal point, you are required to do some adjustment on overtime table.


1) Go to Tools > General Maintenance > Overtime

OTRounding 02.png

2) Select the overtime you wanted to edit with

OTRounding 03.png

3) Click edit and select Rate (Formula)

OTRounding 04.png

4) Kindly input formula as below and save. You need to add the ROUND ( (XXXX),2) in each OT rate.

Example 1.0x daily rate

ROUND ( ( BASIC RATE/26/8 ) , 2 )

OTRounding 05.png

br>5) Go to Employee Maintenance > Employment Detail > Overtime. Select the overtime created just now.

OTRounding 06.png

br>6) Now the rate will be showing in two decimal points.

OTRounding 07.png

Prepared by Chen Ong 220315, Azirah 220315, P220327

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