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Question : How to set 7.5 working hours in AC Cloud Payroll?

Answer :

1) Go to Calendar > Edit > Month Information

2) Key 7.5 in the working hours per day column and tick the apply this setting to other months for bulk edit whole years.

Note: Only allowed 0.5 rounding figure. Eg 6.5, 7.5 and etc…

3) Assigned 7.5 working hours calendar to employee.

Go to Employee Maintenance > Employment Detail > Calendar

Impact of 7.5 working hours in AC Cloud Payroll.

  1. LEAVE

a. When applying for half day leave.

AM Leave maximum applicable is 4 hours, meanwhile remaining balance allowed to apply goes to PM Leave which is equal to 3.5 hours. If apply AM = 4 hours, apply PM = 3.5 hours

b. When applying for hourly Leave.

When only one calendar in company which set for 7.5 working hours. e-Leave/Leave Entry- Minimum apply is 1 hour, while Maximum apply is 6 hours.

When there are multiple calendars in Company which set for 7.5 working hours and 8 working hours e-Leave/Leave Entry - Minimum apply is 1 hour, while Maximum apply is 7 hours.

Same goes for APPEND LEAVE, for above scenarios.

c. Rounding of 0.5 hours to the nearest hours.

When employees apply hourly leave, leave taken will be round up, meanwhile leave balance will also be round up. System will assume default company leave calculation is 8 hours. The remaining balance 0.5 hours which consider in backend calculation.

d. When switching from the 8 working hours calendar to 7.5 working hours, it is recommended that do one round of leave recalculate process, so that leave calculation will be based on 7.5 hours. User can amend any figure in entitlement group to trigger the leave recalculate function.

e. Leave Request Report, Leave Balance Report, Payslip will be showing rounded up value when there is any 0.5 hours remaining balance.

f. Leave Closing will show exact leave balance value, there is no rounding in this page, applicable on both real-time balance and december cut-off.


When do the TA import, the worked days, worked rest days and worked holidays calculation will be based on the setting in employee maintenance calendar setting.

  3. Add New Year Calendar by using Period Setup & Calendar

a. Period Setup > Add new for new year will auto create 7.5 working calendar as according to previous year calendar setting (provided 7.5 working hours calendar is created).

b. Calendar > Add new for new calendar will follow system default 8.0 working hours.

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