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Question : Where to set leave entitlement for staff?

For example: Worked less than 2 years entitle for 12 days, more than 2 years and less than 5 years entitle for 16 days and more than 5 years entitle for 20 days.

Answer :

1. Go to Go to Tools> Entitlement Group


2. Click Add New to create new group


3. Key in Title. Example is MANAGEMENT.

4. Click on Select Limited Leave Type, and select AL – Annual Leave.

5. Once leave type is selected, the details will be shown. Click Add Detail to add detail as in example provided..

6. After keying all details, click on Save button.

7. Then go to Employee Maintenance>Employment Detail > Employment Info>Employee Group. Select the newly created group and Save. Now your employee leave entitlement is to follow the new setting.

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