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Question : Employee 001 has 5 days leave balance in Year 2017 and want to bring forward to Year 2018. How can I maintain the carry forward leave for employee?

Answer :

1) Go to Tools > Excel Import

2) In the Excel Import, click on Templates, and choose for CF Leave to download.

The templates will be downloaded.

3) Open it and maintain the details for Employee Code, Leave Type Code, Year, CF Days and then Save the templates.

4) Again back to Tools > Excel Import, in Upload page, click on Select File to browse your templates or you may drag and drop your file directly.

5) Click on Upload

6) You may check the details, if anything to edit, then select the employee and click on Edit.

You may add another employee CF leave by click on Add.

If confirm all correct, then click on Save All.

7) You may preview the Leave Balance Report. The CF leave is updated.

By : Lay Swan 181018, P181102

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