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Question : I already run payroll for January but when I try to preview payslip from Management Report, system prompted message “Empty Report”.

Possible Reason :

The January payroll has not been Committed.

Solution :

Before a payroll process is committed, you will only able to preview the Draft Payslip.

1) Go to Payroll > Payroll Management > Payroll Process.

2) View the Payroll Process.

3) From the Summary tab, click on Payslip Report button.

System will prompt you the Payslip Report with DRAFT watermark.

To preview your actual Payslip, you must first perform “Commit” payroll process.

4) Go to Payroll Management > Run Payroll

5) Open the Payroll Process.

6) From the Summary tab, click on Commit All.

Click on Yes button to proceed Commit Payroll.

Then you may go to Report > Management Report > Pay Slip and you will able to preview actual payslip there.

Prepared By : Aisyah 181017, Lay Swan 181115, P181119

Prepared By : Aisyah 200221, Azirah 200311, P200313

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