Cloud Payroll - Missing amount column in Claim Request

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Question : When I try to submit claim request, I can’t find a field to key in amount (as in Figure Q.i). Why?

Update Missing amt claim1.png

Possible Reason :

i. Payroll user has not created any claim type. ii. The claim type is not active

Solution (i):

Inform payroll user to create claim types at Tools > General Maintenance > Claim Type .

After created, you will able to key in your claim amount and other details.

Solution (ii):

If the claim type is created but still having the same problem, check whether the Claim Type is in Active status or not.

Go to Tools > General Maintenance > Claim Type . Then, make sure the Is Active box is checked.

Update Missing amt claim2.png

After checked, employee user should be able to see the Claim details.

Update Missing amt claim3.png

By : Lay Swan 190106, P190114

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