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Question : I have made changes to overtime details, and when I click on ‘Back to Main’ and view the Summary, the Gross Pay for this employee is not updated. Why?

Ot not update1.png

Ot not update2.png

Possible Reason :

You may have forgotten to click on ‘Recalculate’ after making changes to Overtime Details.

Solution :

1) Click the “0.00” at Overtime Details.

Ot not update3.png

2) Go into Tab Overtime Details, key in the Quantity for its respective overtime rate, then click on Proceed.

Ot not update4.png

3) Click on Recalculate, then click on Back to Main.

Ot not update5.png

4) In the summary, the gross pay is updated now.

Ot not update6.png

By : Ashikin 190207, Lay Swan 190510, P190513

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