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Question : I have made changes to overtime details at Payroll Processor, when I click on ‘Back to Main’ to view the Summary, the Gross Pay for this employee is not updated. Why?

Ot not update1 1.png
Figure 1

Ot not update2 1.png
Figure 2

Possible Reason :

You may have forgotten to click on ‘Recalculate’ after making changes to Overtime Details.

Solution :

1) Click the “0.00” at Overtime Details.(Figure3)

Ot not update3 1.png
Figure 3

2) At the prompted Overtime Details, key in Quantity for its respective overtime rate, then click on Save (Figure 4)

Ot not update4 1.png
Figure 4

3) Click on Save & Recalculate, then your gross pay is updated (Figure 5).

Ot not update5 1.png
Figure 5

4) Look summary, the gross pay is updated now (Figure 6)

Ot not update6 1.png
Figure 6

By : Ashikin 190207, Lay Swan 190510, P190513

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