Cloud Payroll - Payroll Management : Why is the Overtime Details empty during payroll transaction?

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Question : Why the payroll type for employee’s claim is Month End instead of Claims?

Possible Reason :

The claim’s payroll type is set as Month End by default.

Solution :

1) Go to Tools > Company Profile > Basic Information tab, look at the setting for Default Claim’s Payroll Type..

2) If you wish to process eClaim in Claim Process instead of Month End Process, just change the Default Claim’s Payroll Type to Claim.

3) The changes will only be reflected in next new eClaim.

4) For previously saved eClaim, the payroll type can be change at Payroll > Payroll Management > Adhoc Payroll Item, change the Payroll Type to Claim.

Prepared by Azirah 200714, P200727

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