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Question : Review Shift Maintenance & Calendar Setting

Effective 01st January 2023, Malaysia government has suggested to reduce employee’s weekly total working hours from 48 to 45. You are advised to change the following setting:

Answer :

1. Go to Human Resource > Shift Maintenance

2. Review the shift setting in below.

Kindly ensure the employee’s weekly normal working hours is not more than 45 effective 01st January 2023.

3. Go to Tools > Calendar.

4. Click on the calendar icon, as highlighted.

5. Check the working hours per day to tally with the shift maintenance setting?
Shift maintenance’s working hours is shift out minus shift in. If set break time, also need to minus.
NOTE: If both settings are different, it will affect the attendance value when pull request to payroll for calculation.

Prepared by Winnie 221220, Azirah 221220, P221221

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