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Question : How to generate a proforma invoice?

Answer (New Company):

1. Login to and go to Subscriptions, and go to Create Subscription.

2. Select desired Plan, Payment Frequency, & Headcounts for module, then click Next.

3. After that, fill in the necessary information (Billing Party, Company Name, Registration Number & Payroll Year) and click Next.

4. Tick the checkbox (I agree with AutoCount Payroll’s Service Fees & Invoice Calculations) and click on Payment Confirmation and a Payment Confirmation message will be prompted, click on Confirm & Proceed to Payment.

5. After that, you will be redirected to the Subscription Portal to view the Payment Advice and make the payment, from there, click on Close and click on Yes to proceed

6. You will be redirected back to the Subscription Page, from there, click on the arrow and go back to Subscription Portal.

7. Click on Payment and you should find your Proforma Invoice under Unpaid Bill Items. From there, you may download the Proforma Invoice by clicking Invoice.

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