Cloud Payroll - Subscription : How to set up auto payment in Auto Count Portal?

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Question : How to set up auto payment in Auto Count Portal?

Answer :

1) Login to and look for Auto Payment

SubAutoPayment 01.png

2) Click Add Auto Payment.

SubAutoPayment 02.png

3) Fill in the details and click PayNow. Charged amount of RM 1.00 will be incurred.

SubAutoPayment 03.png

4) Now auto payment card detail is added in the list.

SubAutoPayment 04.png

5) Go to Cloud Payroll tab, select the subscription that you wish to set for auto payment. Click on edit button and save after done selection.

SubAutoPayment 05.png

6) Now your subscription is done setup for auto payment. Auto Payment date is 3 days after invoice is generated.

Eg. Billing date is 10th, it will auto pay on 13th at 10 pm.

SubAutoPayment 06.png

Prepared by ChenOng 221216, Azirah 221216, P221221

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