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Point of Sale > Maintenance > Debit Card Maintenance

Debit Card Maintenance is used to create and maintain the types of acceptable debit cards.
This maintenance is optional based on the business operation of user, if user did not accept debit card, then this setting is not necessary.

To create a new Debit Card type:
1) Click New.
2) Key in the Debit Card ID and other related information that is needed.
3) Click ‘OK’ to save.

To edit an existing card:
1) Highlight the Debit Card ID which would like to be edited.
2) Click Edit.
3) Edit the data which would like to be changed.
4) Click ‘OK’ to save.

Credit Card ID: The primary ad unique ID that representing this debit card type.
Description: Words to describe this debit card type.
Payment Method: Select the payment method for this debit card type, all the amount collected will be posted to corresponding account of the payment type.

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