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Enable Bonus Point: This option must be checked if user would like to use member price. User can set how many sales is equivalent to how many member point; and point redeemed equivalent to how many cash value.
Show Promoter: Allow cashier to select promoter. Check this option if every sale required promoter. This option is needed if promoter sales are entitled for commission.
Show debtor: Allow cashier to select debtor.
Set promoter for whole receipt: Allows for whole cash sales belong to the promoter selected.
No prompt for promoter: Check this option of promoter is unnecessary and is not compulsory.
Use item’s description 2: Check this option if description 2 will be used for item description in terminal.
Don’t block input if item not found: Cashier still can input the item if the item not found in terminal if this option is checked.
Backorder control: Allow cashier to issue stock which has zero or negative quantity.
Check Outstanding Hold Bill (Close Counter): Check whether there is outstanding hold bill during close counter.
Allow close counter for cashier: Cashier can perform close counter.
Calculate discount on unit price: Discount will be calculated based on the unit price of item.
Automatically delete package when one of its item is backorder: Item package is not allowed to be selected if one of the item inside the package has zero or negative balance quantity.
Credit Control (Credit Sales): Terminal will detect the credit control been set in back end and perform a credit control check.
Disable Promotion Item to Earn Bonus Point: Item that under promotion will not be given any bonus or member point to member.
Filter Promoter by Outlet: Cashier can only select the promoter where the promoter belongs to that outlet.


Show Menu: Show fast selection menu in home screen.
Use Item Standard Cost of Return Stock: If there were return of stock, system will automatically use the standard cost maintained in back end as the return cost.
Allow to trade in: Allow trade in function in terminal.
Use Spacebar to make payment: Spacebar act as hotkey for payment.
Allow to save empty batch number: If the item is control by batch, terminal allows the item to be saved even the cashier did not select the batch number.
Allow to issue serial number not exist in system: If the item is control by serial number, terminal allows the item to be saved even the serial number keyed in by cashier did not exist in system.
Automatically delivery full item once full payment accepted: Deliver all item when full payment is accepted.
Receipt number is required during return: Receipt number is required to key by cashier when buyer return the item.

F & B:

Show table: Button of table selection will be displayed in front end.
Print Order No: Print order number in guest check.
Prompt pax Numpad: Prompt windows to key in pax number for new order.
Auto logout after bill: System will logout after new confirmed order or completed payment.
Print Kitchen Receipt: Enable kitchen printer for terminal. Kitchen printer must be maintain in backend end and kitchen printer must be selected in front end.

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