FA: How to post Purchase Invoice to Asset Maintenance?

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Question: Is there any method to directly post Purchase Invoice info to Asset Maintenance, instead of key in manually at Asset Maintenance?


Yes, when you create a Purchase Invoice, there is a column called "IsAsset”, you must check to enable it. You may also specify its Asset Type and Asset Category now, or to define it later at Asset Maintenance.

Go to Asset Register > Asset Maintenance.
1. Click on Create New Asset.
2. Click on "...".
3. The Purchase Invoice will show under AutoCount Document Integration.
4. Check the checkbox of the Purchase Invoice.
5. Click on 'OK'.

After clicked, you’ll found that the info like Description, Purchase Date, Supplier, Qty, Unit Cost and etc already filled up automatically. You may counter check and click on Save.

By: Christine 230713, Lay Swan 230718, P230721

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