FA Troubleshooting: Attempted to divide by zero error when load new asset

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Questions: When I try to load a new asset from Purchase Invoice, there is an error message prompted ‘Attempted to divide by zero error’. Why can’t I load a new asset from purchase invoice?

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Possible Reason:

You may have keyed in '0' for asset quantity in Purchase Invoice.

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Find out the related purchase invoice and double check if the purchased quantity is correct. You may search the entry by using SQL Query:

1. Login into AutoCount Management Studio and go to Tools > SQL Query

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2. Run SQL Query to identify which Purchase Invoice contains where Quantity is “0.00”

Select * from PIdtl where qty = ‘0’

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3. Get the dockey and run SQL Query to find out related Purchase Invoice

Select * from PI where dockey in (‘35278’,’35279’)

Divided zero5.png

All the related Purchase Invoice will be listed out. You may check the asset’s quantity accordingly.

Alternatively, you may find out the related asset from load new asset from Purchase Invoice.

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By: Aimi 180119, KM 180201, P180202

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