FA Troubleshooting: Posting error - Cannot set column 'RefNo2'. The value violates the Max Length limit of this column.

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Question: When I click on save & post to journal, it shows me an error:’’ Cannot set column 'RefNo2'. The value violates the Max Length limit of this column.

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Possible Reason:

This is due to the Asset Code is too long. Maximum length for ref2 in Journal entry is limited 20 characters only. Once the asset code is more 20 characters, it can’t be posted to journal.

Solution (1):

It is advisable to change to a shorter asset code.


For Posting Journal Method, select the option of summary- by Account Code. Once you choose this option, asset code wouldn’t be posted into journal.

Go to Asset Register > Setting; change the posting method from Details to Summary -by Account Code. Click on Save to exit.

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By: Soh Wee 180518, KM 180521, P180522

Solution (2):

Extend the RefNo2 maximum length to 50 in table JEDTL and GLDTL.

1) Perform backup, and login AutoCount Management Studio, go to Tools > SQL Query.

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2) Run the following 2 SQL queries:
alter table jedtl alter column refno2 nvarchar(50)
alter table gldtl alter column refno2 nvarchar(50)

Asset ref2 4.png

After extended the ‘RefNo2’ maximum length to 50, you can successfully post the journal.

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By: Park Yao 230615, Lay Swan 230623, P230626

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