FA Troubleshooting: String or binary data would be truncated error when create new Asset

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Question: When I create new Asset, error message prompt “Unknown Sql Exception (Number=8152, Message=String or binary data would be truncated.) when I want to save the Asset. Why?

Possible Reason :

The Remark or the field that you are keying in has exceeded max characters.
System will auto allocate the serial number into the asset detail when you create New Asset with Remark.
1. Maximum length for the asset detail is 40 characters only.
2. The comma will be the separator for the Serial Number. Example shown below:

Solution :

If you have remark longer than 40 characters, you may key in after the asset is created.
Which mean you need to firstly save the asset created with empty Remark, then edit the asset to key in your Remark.

By: Aimi 211217, Lay Swan 211228, P211229

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