FNB/QR ordering: Why are QR ordering menu and frontend menu different?

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Question :

Why are QR ordering menu and FNB frontend menu different, some selection of item / modifier are left out ?

Possible Reason :

A menu item / modifier is added onto the menu but you did not republish the QR Ordering menu.

Solution :

1. Go to POS Backend -> Point Of Sale -> Maintenance -> Fast Selection Menu Maintenance -> click on Publish/Unpublish button -> Tick the Menu -> click Publish button again.

2. After republish menu.

3. Rescan the QR code of table -> the missing modifier / menu item should be updated. Kindly take note that in future, every modification made on Fast selection menu must follow with a ‘republish’.

By: JunWei 20231016, Jacky 20231024, P231025 [000458]

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