FNB/QR ordering: Why is QR order no showing service charge, rounding adjustment, tax charge?

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Question :

Terminal setting maintenance already enabled service charge, rounding adjustment, tax charge. Why is QR order table doesn’t have service charge, tax or rounding adjustment?

Solution :

QR ordering itself had its own settings. You may yet to set the QR settings.

Solution :

1. Go to POS Backend -> Point of Sale -> QR Ordering -> click QR Ordering Backend

2. Click Restaurant (1) -> Select the correct restaurant according to the terminal -> EDIT (2)

3. 3. On Basic Tab Scroll Down -> Select the Rounding Option -> Tick Enable Service Charge -> Tick Enable Tax -> Fill up the Default Tax Code & Default Tax Rate (%)

4. Go to Window Services -> restart ‘AUTOCOUNT QR Ordering Service’ -> New scan QR order will charge the service charge, tax, and do the rounding adjustment.

By: JUNWEI 20240118, Jacky 20240126, P240129 [000483]

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