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Point of Sale > Maintenance > Fast Selection Maintenance

This function allows user to create and maintain the Menu in POS Front-End.

The complete flow in using Fast Selection Menu:

 1.Create new Menu (or click Edit to amend existing created Menu)
  a.Click New.
  b.Key in the description and define the option to be applied.

Is Default: Check this option if want this menu to be a default menu. Show Price: Check this option if you want the menu to show item price. Enable Auto Menu Shift: Check this option if you want this menu display on the on the specific date and time.
c.Click ‘OK’ to save.
 2.Menu Design 

Design Menu Header

  This function create header that groups items together (normally refer to item group or item type)

Design Menu Details

  This function assign item(s) to the highlighted header.
   a.Highlight the header name.
   b.Click on ‘Design Menu Details’.

c.Select the item to be assigned to the header, click ‘OK’ to save upon finish.

 3.Modifier Design: 

a)Design Modifier – This is Modifier Header that contains Modifier Details or Modifier Item. Click 'Design Modifier to create new Modifier Header.

b)Design Modifier Details – These are the Modifier Details or Modifier Items that belong to the highlighted modifier header. Click 'Design Modifier Details' to assign or create new modifier details for the selected Modifier Header.

*You can key in the charges amount in ‘Sur Charge’ column if your modifier contains charges.
 4.Modifier Category
   This function assigns modifier to certain item and choose whether to auto prompt during the selection of that item in front end.
   You can assign the modifier category based on item, item group and item type.
   Continue with the example above, we would like to assign Modifier Drinks to all the item under item group ‘BA”. 
   To do so, we click on Modifier Category > Item Group Tab > Modifier Description (choose the modifier ‘Drinks’) > Choose Item Group (item group ‘BA’) > Tick Auto Prompt (if this option is checked, during the selection of item 
   which is under ‘BA’ in front end, system will prompt for user to select modifier.

Click OK to save the setting.

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