FnB: Fast Selection Menu not shown at FnB FrontEnd after sync

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Question : I have created Fast Selection Menu and sync, but F&B FrontEnd still not showing Fast Selection Menu?

Fast menu not show.png

Possible Reason :

You didn’t set default Fast Selection Menu.

Solution :

1) Log in Pos 5.0 Backend, and go to Point of Sale > Maintenance > Fast Selection Menu Maintenance.

Fast menu not show1.png

2) Select the menu and click on Edit.

Fast menu not show2.png

3) Check the checkbox of Is Default? and click on OK.

Fast menu not show3.png

4) Go back to FnB Frontend, click on More Function.

Fast menu not show4.png

5) Click on Settings > Click on Synchronize, click on Speed Sync.

Fast menu not show5.png

Fast menu not show6.png

Fast menu not show7.png

6) After sync succeeded, click on OK to logout. And click on Yes to exit.

Fast menu not show8.png

Fast menu not show9.png

7) The fast selection menu is shown after login.

Fast menu not show10.png

By : Lay Swan 181231, P190322

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