FnB: How to add order item by searching item code in ewaiter?

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Question :

How to take order by using item code in E-waiter? (Only available for FNB Ewaiter app)

Solution :

There are two options for user to take item order by using menu button or search by item code.

1. Go to Menu Setting Icon

2. Click on Setting

3. Enable (Manually Enter ItemCode) function and press OK.

4. At the table layout, select Table Number button or press New Order button to take order.

5. Fill in pax no to proceed ordering process.

6. User may key in item code and click on (magnifier +) button to add item

Note : Please press Confirm Order to complete the ordering process.

By: Kee 20201216, Jacky 20201221, P201228 [000140]

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