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Question :

How to enable tip collection on payment? (Only available in FNB)

Solution :

Customers sometimes will pay a small amount of tips when making payment, but the tip amount is not part of the sales, so the tips collection feature can separate between the sales cash amount and tips cash.

1. Login POS Backend, Go to Point of sale > Maintenance > POS Option Maintenance > Edit (Option 1) > Document Control 2

2. Tick Enable Tip

3. There are 2 ways to accept tips.

a. First when customer made payment and ask us to keep the change. You can enter the remaining changes as tips on payment screen.

b. When the customer paid and left the change on the table, it will be recorded as tips too. To do so, go to More Function > Cash In/Out > Tips.

Note : Please perform synchronization after make any changes on POS Backend.

By: Kee 20201216, Jacky 20201221, P201228 [000139]

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