FnB: How to set No Service Charge Item?

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Question :

How to set Non Service Charge Item?

Solution :

User want to set some items not subject to service charge. (This feature is only available in Rev 164 and above)

1. Login POS Backend, Go to Point of sale > Maintenance > Terminal Setting Maintenance > Edit > Document Control 3

2. You may directly fill in Item Code line by line in the box or click on “Narrator icon” to search the item.

3. After click Narrator icon, click Search to show all items > Select Item Code for not subject to service charge > click OK button after selected items

4. After selected items, those item codes will appear in the box line by line > OK

5. At Front End Transaction, service charge will be 0.00 for those selected items.

Note : Please perform synchronization after make any changes on POS Backend.

By: Kee 20210618, Jacky 20210622, P210625 [000212]

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