FnB: Reset Order Session issue

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Question :

Why can’t I access table and it prompts me table is currently edited by user ADMIN.

The table is currectly edited by user ADMIN from computer 7cd76fc, please try again later.

Possible Reason :

The table is currently accessed by other source which is ewaiter apps user.

If the ewaiter apps user has logged out and you still couldn’t edit, this means the session are stuck and you have to reset it.

Solution :

1.Login your F&B system > Go to More Function > Settings > Click Reset Order Session

2.Select the table no then click the reset session button.

And now, you can edit table No.1 in your F&B system.

By: SengHoong 20220421, Jacky 20220523, P220525 [000326]

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