FnB: When login to EWaiter, login fails with network error

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Question :

I already set IP Address and Port Number on EWaiter & Main FnB PC, and I have confirmed it is correct but why do I get error during login?

Login Unsuccessful

Failed to connect server.


Possible Reason :

The security firewall has blocked the port or FnB system does not start in Windows Administrator.

Solution :

1. Please check your Windows firewall and anti-virus firewall to bypass or turn off the port number.

2. Go to AutoCount FnB 5.X desktop icon, and right click > click Properties > click Compatibility tab > Check the box (Run this program as an administrator) > press OK

3. Login Front end F&B, then re-assign eWaiter IP address and port number.

By: CK 202301011, Jacky 20231024, P231025 [000461]

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