Footer Maintenance

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Footer Maintenance

Here you may have additional footer setting for Sales / Purchases transaction.

Go to General Maintenance > Footer Maintenance

There are 3 footer maintenance each for Sales and Purchases transaction.

The Footer Maintenance is mainly used for Deposit, Discount or Tax purpose.

Select Sales Footer 1, click on Edit,

Enable: to activate the footer setting

Footer Name: the default footer name

Caption: the label text to be displayed on bill footer

Formula: '-' means this is a 'minus' item and will be deducted; '$ITEMTOTAL' means subtotal of all transacted items; '*' means multiply; '$FOOTER1PARAM/100' means using the Parameter (lower portion) of this Footer 1 Maintenance.

Tax Type: select the tax type if this footer maintenance is subjected to tax.

Post to G/L Account: assign a G/L account to post the discount value

Add this footer value to Net Total: check this checkbox if this footer is set for Discount and the discount value will be deducted from net total (e.g. Subtotal RM100, discount RM10, A/R Invoice will show RM90); uncheck this checkbox if this footer setting is for Deposit so that the Net Total will show full amount (e.g. Subtotal RM100, Deposit Paid RM10, outstanding is RM90, A/R Invoice will show RM100)

Add this footer value for Sales/Purchases analysis: check this if it is set for Discount, uncheck this if it is set for Deposit.

Add this footer value for Calculate Extra Discount Amount: check this if this footer is set for calculate extra discount value (only apply for group discount, you can right click header and look for column chooser > pull out the column Extra Discount Amt)

Calculate Bonus Point: check this if wish to take this footer value into consideration when calculating bonus point.


Visible: to display footer caption and parameter on bill footer

Caption: the word/symbol of the parameter, e.g. % , Per Cent ...

Decimal: define the decimal point

Default Value: define the default value so that it will automatically fill in the parameter

Apply Discount Percent value from Debtor/Creditor Master File: this means the discount percent will be read from the 'rate' maintained at Debtor/Creditor Maintenance > Others

Click on OK.

Before this setting can take effect, it is good that the forms are refreshed.

To refresh the forms, lets go to Tools > Clear Cache and Criteria Data, click on Clear Form Cache, Yes, OK, Close.

Add a new Invoice under Sales menu,

Observe that the Footer setting is appear on the footer (right bottom).

Similar steps apply to Purchase Footer Maintenance.

Quick Configure Footer

Faster way to set footer maintenance.

Apply To: click to choose either Sales or Purchase Footer

(a) Footer 1: Discount: this is to set Sales Footer 1 (will be enabled) for Discount purpose.

(b) Footer 1: Sales/Government Tax: this is to set Sales Footer 1 (will be enabled) for Tax purpose.

(c) Footer 1: Discount and Footer 2: Sales/Government Tax: this is to set 2 footers at the same time, Sales Footer 1 (will be enabled) for Discount purpose, and Sales Footer 2 (will be enabled) for Tax purpose.

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