GL: Can I exclude certain account codes from a user?

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Question: Can I exclude certain account codes from a particular user so that he is not allowed to use/view such account codes?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


AutoCount allows user to exclude certain account codes from a particular user’s ID. Once excluded, the user will not able to see and select those account codes when doing transactions or preview it's report such as GL Report.

How to use this?

1. Enable the module (by checking the checkbox) of “Filter by Account” at Tools > Program Control> Module Setting. If you can't enable it, it means the module is not included in your package.

Filter account 1.png

2. Go to General Maintenance > User Maintenance; click to highlight/select a particular user ID and click on Edit User.

Filter account 2.png

3. Click on the tab of Account Exclude; check the checkbox of Filter By Account No. and click on Maintain.

Filter account 3.png

4. From the screen of Maintain Exclude by Accounts, select those account codes that you wish to exclude from the user > click on Save.

Filter account 4.png

5. Save this user.

Filter account 5.png

6. Now, login with that user ID and try it out. You shall not able to select those excluded account codes for transaction.

Filter account 6.png

By:CY 170615; P170728

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