GL: Must the Ledger Home DR tally with Home CR and Home Balance = 0.00

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Question: Must a Ledger supposedly tally for Home Debit and Home Credit, and Home Balance is 0.00?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

Yes, ledger must be tally for both Home DR and Home CR, and Home Balance must be 0.00.
If not, your account is considered not balanced.

Please do some checking if it is not tally.
1) Make sure Ledger filter options set correctly.
- Ledger Type select All Ledger
- Do not enable show Debtor/Creditor Control Account Only
- Do not filter on Account, Control Account and Project/Department.
- Do not enable Add Profit/(Loss) to Retained Earning

2) Make sure Opening Balance or YTD Balance Maintenance is balanced.

3) Retained Earning must be Special Account (with blue color) and Special Account Type is SRE.

4) Make sure amount key in at Stock Value Maintenance tally with Opening Balance Stock account balance.

5) Make sure there is no parent account being used/selected in any document.
Go to AutoCount Management Studio > Tools > SQL Query, use the following SQL query to check:

Select * from GLDTL where AccNo in (Select ParentAccNo from GLMAST)

By: Aimi 220513, Lay Swan 220524, P220525

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