GL: Special accounts are not available in AR AP Sales Purchase invoicing document?

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Question: I cannot select bank account (SBK special account type) at AR Invoice, AP Invoice, Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice. May I know what are the special accounts not allowed in AR, AP, Sales, Purchase invoicing document?

Version: 1.8, 1.9, 2.0


The following special account types (highlighted in Red) are not allowed, but those in Blue are allowed in AR, AP, Sales, Purchase invoicing document.

Abbreviation of Special Account Type

SFA - Fixed Asset Account
SAD - Fixed Asset Accumulated Depreciation Account
SBD - Bank
SCH - Cash
SDP - Deposit
SOP - Other Payments
SDC - Debtor Control
SCC - Creditor Control
SOS - Open Stock Account
SCS - Close Stock Account
SBS - Balance Stock Account
SRE - Retained Earning

By: Cit Ta 230103, Lay Swan 230111, P230126

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