GL: Variances for Year Comparison in Profit & Loss Statement

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Question : How to show the variances between the years in Profit and Loss Statement?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

Normal Year Comparison report will not show the variances. To show it, you need to use Custom Column report format. Take note that this function is available only when the Advance Financial Report module is enabled.

1) Select Custom Column report format.

2) Click on Edit Columns.

3) Click on Add to add a new column. For Header, if you are comparing year 2018 & 2017, you may key in 2018 and add another column for 2017.
For column’s Type, choose Fixed Date and key in Financial Start Date in Param 1 and Financial End Date in Param 2.

4) Lastly, add another column for variances and for column Type choose Expression. For Param 1, key in Col1-Col2, means column 1 (which is 2018) ‘minus’ column 2 (which is 2017) and click on OK.

5) Click on Preview and now you will get the result 2018, 2017, and Difference.

To save custom column template, please refer to the following link for the steps:
GL: How to save the template for custom column in financial report

By : Cheryl 190301, Lay Swan 190312, P190319

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