GL: Where does the Bank Reconciliation’s Account Balance come from?

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Question : My actual data start date is 01/01/2018. When I do bank reconciliation as at 31/01/2018, the Account Balance shows 0.00. However in Opening Balance Maintenance, this bank account has a debit balance of USD 626.67. Where does the figure 0.00 come from?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

Account Balance shows the bank balance as at the Bank Reconciliation’s date instead of bank opening balance or Balance B/F.

As the bank reconciliation date is 31/01/18, check the ledger report as at 31/01/18.

Go to G/L > Ledger Report, filter the Date Range 01/01/18 to 31/01/18 and filter the account 310-0019. Click on Inquiry and the ledger shows a balance of 0.00. This is the figure which Bank Reconciliation’s Account Balance fetches.

By : CK 190215, Lay Swan 190218, P190219

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