GST: GST How to setup Malaysia GST code in AutoCount?

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Question: How to setup Malaysia GST code in AutoCount?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


First, you have to enable GST under Tools > Options > General > Good and Services Tax

Setup gst1.png

1. Go to GST > Tax Code Maintenance.

Setup gst2.png

2. Click on Configure Malaysia GST.

Setup gst3.png

3. Click on Next

Setup gst4.png

4. Configure Sales Product’s Tax Code and then click on Next.

Setup gst5.png

5. Configure Import Goods and Services’ Tax Code and then click on Next.

Setup gst6.png

6. Configure Proposed GST Account and then click on Next.

  • If you choose Yes in this section, system will generate those GST Account Code automatically. If you choose No in this section, then you will need to manually create those GST account code under G/L > Account Maintenance.

Setup gst7.png

7. Click on Finish.

Setup gst8.png

8. Click on Save to finish the setup wizard.

Setup gst9.png

9. Now, Malaysia GST codes are generated base on your requirement.

Setup gst10.png

By: Soh Wee 171027, CY 171101, KM 171101, P171103

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