GST: Set GST inclusive at detail line in cash book

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Question: I have several receipts of disbursement claimed by an employee and wish to key into cash book (into a single payment voucher). However, some of the receipts are inclusive of GST and others are GST exclusive, how should I do it?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


For cash book, system allows user to key in detail lines with GST inclusive and exclusive in a single voucher.

1. Right click on any detail header and click on Column Chooser,

2. Look for the column named ‘Inclusive Tax‘.

3. Drag out the column to detail header.

4. Check the check box of Inclusive tax if the detail line is GST inclusive. The GST amount will be calculated accordingly.

Note: This column is available in Cash Book & Journal Entry only.

By: Jessica 171030, KM 171116, P171117

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