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Question: I’ve enabled footer maintenance for discount using Quick Configure Footer, but the footer discount now is by percentage (%). How to change it to by amount?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Subtotal: RM 706.00
Discount: - RM 55.00 , current discount will be RM 388.30
Total: RM 651.00

Footer discount by amt1.png

Answer :

1) Go to General Maintenance > Footer Maintenance, select the footer name and click on Edit.

Footer discount by amt2.png

Current Formula:

Footer discount by amt3.png

Edit the formula to -$FOOTER1PARAM and click on OK.

Footer discount by amt4.png

  • You may change the Caption if needed. In this case you may remove the caption % or change it to RM.

2) Edit the Invoice and re-key in the Discount 55 and footer amount will be -55.00 and Total = 651.00

Footer discount by amt5.png

By: Aimi 220201, Lay Swan 220204, P220224

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