Inter-Billing TroubleShooting: Cannot open database ‘AED HALO123’ requested by the login

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Question: When creating a new invoice, after I selected the Debtor ‘30-00004’ which involved in Interbilling, the application became not responding, and prompted message “Cannot open database “AED_HALO123” requested by login. The login failed. Login failed for user ‘sa’.

Cannot open db1.png

After a while, the same message prompted again.

Cannot open db2.png

Possible Reason:

You have assigned a wrong Account Book name for this debtor in Debtor Maintenance.

Cannot open db3.png


1) Close the new invoice form.

2) Go to File > Manage Account Book, to check the Database Name (for Posting account book) that you used to attach account book.

Cannot open db4.png

3) Go to A/R > Debtor Maintenance, edit on the debtor 30-00004, click into the User Defined Field tab and correct the Account Book name.

Cannot open db5.png

4) Now you should be able to create Invoice and posted to PI.

Error locating svr6.png

By: Park Yao 221216, Lay Swan 221221, P220227

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