Inter-Billing TroubleShooting: Create invoice error – You should login to the system in order to access the function

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Question: I am using "Intercompany Billing plugin". When I save sales invoice, it prompts out a message below (You should login to the system to access the function). It cannot generate Purchase Invoice at target account book. What should I do?

Create inv error 1.png

Possible Reason:

It’s because of TMCS user of your target account book has been deactivated. TMCS user is automatically created once you install the inter-billing plugin. Let’s say you create an invoice at account book A, purchase invoice will be auto generated at account book B. Purchase Invoice created will be under TMCS user.


1. Log in to the target account book.

2. Go to General Maintenance> User Maintenance > select User name TMCS > edit user;

Create inv error 2.png

3. Check the check box of Active for user TMCS.

Create inv error 3.png

4. Now go to edit the Sales invoice and save again. It should be post a Purchase invoice in target account book.

By: Hui Yan 180523, KM 180618, P180628

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