Inter-Billing TroubleShooting: Error Locating Server/Instance Specified when create new Invoice

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Question: When I create a new invoice, after selected the Debtor ‘30-00004’ which involves Interbilling, the application became not responding, and prompted message “Error Locating Server/Instance Specified”.

After a while, there is another message “The server was not found or was not accessible”.

Possible Reason:

You have maintained an incorrect server name for this debtor in Debtor Maintenance.


1) Close the new invoice form.

2) Go to File > Manage Account Book, to check the Server Name that you use to attach account book.

3) Go to A/R > Debtor Maintenance, edit on the debtor 30-00004, click into the User Defined Field tab and correct the Server name.

4) Now you should be able to create Invoice and post to PI.

By: Park Yao 221216, Lay Swan 221221, P221221

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