Inter-Billing TroubleShooting: View or Edit Invoice error–Invalid database AED 3333

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Question: While I view or edit Invoice, it prompted “Invalid AED_XXX”. I’m using Intercompany Billing plugin.

Possible Reason :

The Server Name or Account Book (Database) name in Invoice’s UDF is not the same with InterBilling setting’s ICB Acc Book. ICB Acc Book is triggered from Manage Account Book.

The Server name and Account Book name are case sensitive and must be the same in all computers.

Solution :

Edit the Server name from File > Manage Account Book, select the account book and click on Edit Account Book. Then rename the Server name.

Then you should be able to view the Invoice without error.

Or you may use SQL query to update the Server Name or Account Book name for the Invoice.
Backup your account book, and request the SQL query from your software dealer.

Note: You must always use the same method of attach account book and database name when you are using Intercompany Billing plug in, no matter on Server computer or client computer. Remember when you move server, you must restore with using the same database name too.

By: Christine 220413, Lay Swan 220427, P220428

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