Item BOM Maintenance

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Item BOM Maintenance

We need to maintain Bill Of Material for such finished goods and its material items.

Go to Stock > More Stock Maintenance > Item BOM Maintenance

Click on New,


Item Code: assign finished goods' item code.

Total Bal. Qty.: balance quantity of this finished goods (auto displayed)

Description: description of this finished goods (auto displayed upon selection of Item Code)

Assembly Cost: key in (if any) amount of cost involved in assembling one unit of this finished goods, which will be included in Finish Goods Cost.

Automatic Serial No. Format: (if this is an item with serial number) select a serial numbering format so that the system will auto generate serial number upon creation of finished goods. To maintain the serial number format, go to General Maintenance > Document Numbering Format Maintenance, click on New, select Document Type: S#. After saved, it will appear under Category: Others.

Sub Item Code: click on '+' sign to add B.O.M. material items one by one.

Qty: the quantity of this material needed to assemble one unit of finished goods

Cost Fraction: the percentage of cost distribution for each item.

Overhead Cost: overhead cost that will occur when using this material item to assemble finished goods (regardless of quantity)

Total Bal.Qty: current balance quantity of this material item (auto displayed)

Sequence: indicating the sequence order of material items.

UTD Cost:

Unit Cost: the cost will be captured from your standard cost.

Finish Goods Cost: total assembly cost of one unit of B.O.M. finished goods.

Manually Update BOM Cost: to manually update (when needed) the Standard Cost of this finished goods either from sub-items Standard Cost or Up-To-Date Cost.

Auto Update BOM Cost Option: to automatically update the Standard Cost of this finished goods either from sub-items Standard Cost or Up-To-Date Cost whenever there is a change in that cost.

Recalculate: to recalculate the cost of this BOM finished goods based on latest updates.

Click on Save.


Click on '+' sign before Item Code to list the Sub-Items and details.

Go to menu

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